Hot! Black Thought, Phonte, & Rhymefest Announce Supergroup Formation

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This is what hip-hop needs.

Supergroups have been finely woven into hip-hop’s fabric over the course of its exciting gestation. From Wu-Tang to Migos, groups are a hip-hop cornerstone, and have birthed some of the most exciting solo rap careers–i.e. Method Man–as well as subversive messages to shackling authority–i.e. N.W.A. And while Migos are most likely the current de facto rap group in charge, that doesn’t mean that other collectives aren’t forming and prospering.

In exciting news, legendary rappers Black Thought, Rhymefest, and Phonte have announced that they are forming a group of their own. All decorated MCs in their own right, this convergence of power is reminiscent of the ‘08 championship Celtics. Three superstar-caliber players–Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett–who were gracefully aging into the backend of their primes didn’t join to see who was the most superior; egos were checked at the door, and the trio bought into the ultimate goal: to win a championship. They achieved that goal in spades with an exhilarating victory over the Kobe Bryant-lead Lakers.

Black Thought, Rhymefest, and Phonte have nothing left to prove on a solo front, but still know that they have more left in the tank, more fire to spit. And while their individual powers proudly sit atop hip-hop’s pedestal, they’ve, presumably, realized that their synergistic efforts might be more impactful together than separate. Sometimes, as the old adage goes, the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Although information regarding the group’s capacity is limited currently, the sheer knowledge of this trio’s imminence is exciting news by itself, and foreshadows great material to come.


Zach H