Hot! Bizarre of D12 Takes Aim at Joe Budden & Jay Electronica on “Love Tap”


Bizarre wants all the smoke.

The beautiful thing about hip-hop beefs is that they incite creativity and innovation. Where would we be without “Takeover” and “Ether”? But the beauty of beefs extend passed the direct feuders to encapsulate surrounding camps and intrigued personalities.

During Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem’s discourse, they’ve absorbed outside voices into the mix. Joe Budden has been less than pleased with Em’s output, saying that he himself has been more impactfully musically over the past decade; Em’s “Rap Devil” retaliation, “KILLSHOT”, achieved the impossible of getting a response from Jay Electronica–he wasn’t pleased with Shady’s (joking) slander of Diddy. But while foes have emerged to defame Em, Slim’s camp will always have his back.

Former D12 member, Bizarre, is one of those loyal supporters who will perpetually defend Slim. Not impressed–and frankly pissed off–by Budden or Electronica’s rhetoric, he took to the booth to lament the two with his “Love Tap” diss track.

Listen to the diss below:


Zach H