Biggie-Inspired Art Exhibit Honors ‘Ready To Die’ 25th Anniversary


Faith Evans, Rick Ross, Lil’ Kim, and more showed up to pay respects.

Biggie’s impact has not only been immortalized throughout his storied body of work, but also through other tangible and intangible means alike: his spirit lives on through influence, his presence exists in writing on Brooklyn’s Christopher Wallace Way. Now, it persists in a newly-created Biggie-inspired art exhibit.

In honor of Big’s debut album’s (Ready to Die) 25th anniversary this past Friday, September 13th, Optimo cigars partnered with Mass Appeal to create an art exhibit honoring the late rapper. The gallery featured over 170 Biggie-related pieces.

Among those in the crowd paying their respects were Lil’ Kim, Rick Ross, Faith Evans, and Big’s son, Christopher Wallace Jr.

RIP, Big. Continue inspiring all of us everywhere.


Zach H