B-Real Announces Fifth Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensary


The legendary artist speaks on the growing weed business in an exclusive HipHopDX interview.

B-Real, leading voice of the iconic Cypress Hill, has never been shy about his love for weed. From his lyrical content to his YouTube show, The SmokeBox, B-Real has quite the greenthumb. Mixing his passion with business, the legendary artist spoke recently with HipHopDX about opening his fifth weed dispensary and the overall burgeoning weed economics.

Fittingly called “Dr. Greenthumb’s,” B-Real has been on a roll on the professional weed business, as his fifth location is part of only a one-year establishment and expansion. The new location will be in Studio City, with plans on building in Cathedral City next. And while he has a strong Cali presence, B-Real also revealed that he is looking to his expand his cannabis foothold outside of California.

During his DX interview, B-Real commented that he is looking to expand to other legalized states and territories.

Catch up on the entire conversation here.


Zach H