Hot! Aretha Franklin Has Passed at 76-Years-Old


RIP to the “Queen of Soul”.

In devastating news, the “Queen of Soul”, Aretha Franklin, has passed away. She was 76-years-old.

Known for classics like “Respect” and “Think”, female empowerment mantras, Aretha inspired generations of talent with her transcendent talent and velvety voice.

Struggling with her health for some time, Aretha didn’t want her waning health to be of public focus or discussion, causing her to keep it quiet save for her close friends and family. According to PEOPLE magazine, a friend told the publication that “she has been ill for a long time … She did not want people to know and she didn’t make it public.”

A highly-respected artist who controlled the ‘60s and ‘70s, Aretha will be remembered for her endless musical contributions that broke racial and gender boundaries.

RIP to the “Queen of Soul”.


Zach H