Hot! Action Bronson Unveils ‘WHITE BRONCO’ Cover Art & Eponymous Single


Dropping “extremely soon”.

Action Bronson is an enigma. A Queens-bread Albanian who used to “take steroids and deadlift with his homies in his basement”, Bronson’s entertainment value isn’t exclusively tied to his music; he’s a host, a TV star, a painter, and an overall charismatic personality. But when someone’s talent is so engorged and eclectic, they can be difficult to contain. Bronson cannot be contained.

In an April 13th tweet, the Blue Chips artist announced that he was officially a “free agent”; he renounced his Atlantic partnership in favor of his long-desired independent route, promising WHITE BRONCO as his official indie unveiling. While that tweet is over five-months old, WHITE BRONCO’s arrival is imminent–“extremely soon” according to the bearded artist.

This past Friday, September 21st, Bronson unveiled the album’s cover art and eponymous single. The package reveal is a manifestation of his varying abilities: the cover art was painted by the same hands that crafted the single.

An album cover that adheres to an aesthetic rooted in Picasso inspirations while flirting with demonic vibes, the WHITE BRONCO cover art is an apt example of Bronson’s newly-embarked independent route; this doesn’t seem like your conventional, major label-approved single and album art–it’s Bronson in all of his glory, unfiltered and raw.

Take a look at the cover art and listen to the single below:


Zach H