Hot! Action Bronco Releases New ‘White Bronco’ Single, “Prince Charming”


White Bronco drops on November 1st.

As Action Bronson prepares for his first independent album release, White Bronco due out November 1st, he’s enjoyed experimenting with his newfound label freedom. From not giving a fuck on Twitter regarding Vice mismanaging him to channeling his artistry in different mediums, like painting and sculpting, Bronson is fully embracing this liberation.

And while these expressions of autonomy are great, the ultimate representation of this will manifest upon White Bronco’s unveiling. Today, he’s given us another taste of what’s to come with one of the album’s singles, “Prince Charming”, featuring cover art drawn by Action himself and production from Knxwledge.

Listen to “Prince Charming” below to get ready for White Bronco dropping November 1st:


Zach H