Hot! ‘8 Mile’s’ 15-Year Anniversary


Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver…”

Eminem’s name has been frequenting the news constantly as of late. From his indicting Donald Trump freestyle on the BET Awards, to his interesting REVIVAL—his upcoming album—marketing scheme, Em is proving paramount longevity. But while all of this new news is exciting, we’d be remised if we didn’t remember his beginnings—specifically, his first movie, 8 Mile. 

Released 15-years-ago today, 8 Mile was a semi-autobiographic picture centering on Eminem’s Detroit adolescence and grind to become one of the most heralded rappers. He combined an authentic grit with legitimate acting chops to dramatically portray his rough upbringing, the friends who helped him get through tough times, and why he’s amongst the dopest freestyle rappers ever.

If you’re not too busy today, let’s honor Slim by re-watching the classic 8 Mile. 


Zach H