Hot! 40 Glocc Says Game’s New Haircut Makes Him “Almost Out The Closet”


Did 40 Glocc just sign his own death certificate?

The Game and 50 Cent might be known to the hip-hop world as enemies given their contentious past. But, as is so often in rivals, on the surface, they harbor more similarities than differences–mainly that they’re both trolls.

Several years ago, Game recorded himself beating-up 40 Glocc. Yes, he held his iPhone while repeatedly striking his adversary. Game continued to ridicule 40 Glocc at every opportunity, including delivering a scathing Funk Flex interview shortly after the altercation. One would think that 40 Glocc would know not to ruffle Game’s feather in fear of the repercussions, but 40 Glocc isn’t most people.

Recently, the Texas rapper criticized Game for his new hairstyle, saying that he’s, “Almost out the closet.” Sporting a combination cut of braids and a fade, 40 Glocc’s slander is a little puzzling, given the style itself and his embarrassing history with Game.
Knowing the Documentary artist, he won’t let this comment die in vain–a retaliation, either physical or vocal, should be imminent. Stay tuned.

Watch 40 Glocc’s IG video below:


Zach H