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    Copywrite Signs to Amalgam Digital

    Copywrite’s Amalgam Digital debut will be an interactive album entirely produced by Surock entitled “Choose Your Own Adventure: Murderland” and set to release July 1st 2014 the same week of Copywrite’s recent prison setence. The Ohio Hip Hop Awards “Lyricist of the Year”, gives listeners a unique experience by giving them complete control of the albums fate. On this interactive album, CopyWrite spits emblematic rhymes that become part of a lurid tale. With distinguished beats, sound effects, and witty narrator, the listener decides which spine-tingling route they wish to take on their quest for bloodshed. However, this album is much more than a dark twisted anecdote, it is a representation of how CopyWriite talents as a rapper are exceeding what the underground world currently entails. He has devised a way to engage his fans in his music more than ever before with an innovative album that still pays its homage to the old school styles that paved it’s way.

    “It’s an honor to be on what I feel is one of the most cutting edge record label in Hip Hop. Amalgam was the first digital label in Hip hop history and the CEO’s name is “Next” for a reason. I’m proud to be apart of the same label which housed such legendary acts as Max B, Currency, Joe Budden and Lil B. My debut on Amalgam is “Choose Your Own Adventure: Murderland” produced entirely by DMV’s own Surock. It’s the first ever interactive album where the listener gets to dictate the outcome of the album depending on the tracks they skip and is accompanied with a narrator… I’m really excited for the core fans and new ears to hear it. I have to serve a 4 and a month sentence for assaulting a cop starting Monday 6-30-14. I’m not proud of it but I don’t have regrets in this life. I do promise you this…I’m writing the most amazing shit of my career in there and I promise the best album of my discography when I get released in October. Love y’all for rocking with me.” – CopyWrite

    The album set for release on JULY 1st 2014 serves as a prelude to his forthcoming “Blood Bath and Beyond” album which will also be available on Amalgam Digital upon the rappers release from his prison sentence later this year.

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    R.M.L. (Man Bites Dog Records) Interview


    R.M.L. started Man Bites Dog Records four years ago. At the time, it was just another record label. But now, it’s home to a diverse cadre of established and up-and-coming artists ranging from Roc Marciano to Copywrite to Eddie B. Read up on the rising label and Ryan Lynch’s (R.M.L.) thoughts on what it takes to succeed as an artist in the 2013. (more…)

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    MHz Legacy (Copywrite) feat. Slug – Satisfaction (Prod. by RJD2)

    Copywrite and Slug give the RJD2 banger the visual treatment.