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    Redman Delivers New Video For “Slap Da Shit Outcha”

    A cut from 3 Joints.

    On January 10th, Redman delivered his new EP, 3 Joints. An apt title considering the project is three-tracks, 3 Joints follows his Pressure-assisted 2019 single, “Black Man In America.” Recently, Redman double-downed on his freshly-minted EP by releasing a music video for “Slap Da Shit Outcha.”

    Completely on-brand for the cult hero, Redman’s new video conflates humor and surgical bars, acting as a microcosm for his illustrious career. From dropping a lit roach on a baby to keeping it painfully real with fans, Redman is in prime form.

    Watch “Slap Da Shit Outcha” below: