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    Marlon Craft Drops New Single “State of the Union, Pt. II”

    The lyrical genius is back at it again.

    Marlon Craft, one of the rap game’s most politically informed, socially conscious acts, kicks off the year with a brand new single “State of the Union, Pt. II.” He’s one of the most lyrical rappers out, not afraid to air out his political beliefs on a track, but never letting it take away from the sonic quality of his music. In fact, the two are intertwined. It’s easy to get distracted trying to keep up with his wordplay, but the moment you tune back into his melodies and flows, you’ll find that his cool, calm demeanor makes for great music too. He just so happens to be very informed. As a breath of fresh air to the rap game, Craft continues to show his lyrical prowess on his most recent single.

    Watch the video for “State of the Union, Pt. II” below:

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    Mach-Hommy Drops His Best Album to Date, “Balens Cho (Hot Candles)”

    Mach-Hommy brings a refreshing sound to hip-hop, paving the way with his bilingual rap. He raps in French, an ode to his Haitian roots, and English, as he’s based out of Newark. His alluring image is bolstered by his elusive identity – for example, he never shows his full face, opting to wear a mask instead. When it comes to his music, he puts forth a range of sounds and styles: some tracks are backed by large brass sections and soulful piano progressions, while others are stripped down and minimalist. He hits you in your feels on his slow songs and gets you fired up with his upbeat ones. The album is stellar start to finish.

    Listen to “Labou” below: