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    Ras Kass and Planet Asia – Kings (Prod. by Numonics)


    You know it’s going to be trouble when two of the top lyricists from the Left Coast get on the same track.

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    REKS – Flags (Prod. by Numonics)



    REKS’ Revolution Cocktail album is scheduled for a July 2nd release date and today he unveils his new single, “Flags” produced by Numonics.

    Download REKS – Flags (Prod. by Numonics)

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    Numonics Interview

    Numonics Pic HHG

    Florida’s Numonics has been dropping quality music left and right at a frenetic pace. We finally caught up to the producer to find out his secrets, what’s coming up, and much more in this exclusive interview. (more…)