• Method Man Links With Street Life & Havoc For “SQUAD UP”

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    On top of celebrating Tical’s 25th anniversary.  (more…)

  • Mobb Deep Releases Posthumous Prodigy Track, “Don’t Fuck With You”


    Prodigy’s voice lives on. (more…)

  • Mobb Deep Featured on Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘Hamilton’ Mixtape


    Prodigy lives on through his music. (more…)

  • Hot! Video

    Mobb Deep – Funk Flex Freestyle


    Mobb Deep paid a visit to Funk Flex last night to promote their upcoming album dropping next week and they kicked a lil’ freestyle.

  • Hot! Audio

    Mobb Deep feat. The LOX – All A Dream



    The M.O.B.B. joins forces with The LOX for this new joint from their upcoming album, The Infamous Mobb Deep in stores April 1st.


  • Hot!

    730 Column: The End of the 50 Cent Era?

    730 hhg

    Remember when all 50 Cent had to do to turn an entire fanbase against an artist was snicker in his, or in Ashanti’s case, her direction. Those flinchingly loyal fans all of a sudden had to burn their CDs, trash their mp3s, and deny any positive feelings they may have had for said artist at any time. Back in the day, and it makes me feel old that I can write like that now, 50 launched an all-out assault on this cat named Ja Rule, who was absolutely killing the game at the time. Not only did every single he drop strike radio gold, but he had a solid team around him, and, more valuable than all of that, Ja had perfected the rap and R&B crossover that 50 would soon take for himself, minus corny J.Lo cameos.