Black Thought Releases Pensive Video For “Rest In Power”


Black Thought is at the top of his game.

Black Though is heralded as one of hip-hop’s most conscious rappers, leveraging his complex, calibrated thoughts for pensive lyrics. Whether he’s lending his verbal prowess to the legendary Roots, or using it to propel his solo career, Black Thought consistently comes through with an adept pengame. Recently, he channeled that transcendent talent to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin.

Watch the video for Black Thought’s powerful song, “Rest in Power”:

Lauryn Hill Disappoints on Recent Tour Stop


The Queen did not impress her Toronto fanbase.

While she’s heralded as an icon, a hip-hop legend, and is in possession of one of the most classic albums of all time, Lauryn Hill isn’t immune to criticism or negative feedback. Turns out, she is human after all.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her groundbreaking album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Lauryn is currently on a reunion tour, and stopped off in Toronto the other night. However, fans were disappointed with–and quite frankly pissed off at–the “Ex-Factor” rapper due to showing up over an hour late, only performing for 45-minutes, and spending most of her time slandering the live band and tech crew. Not a great look for someone trying to move concert tickets.

Perhaps Lauryn feels she’s above the necessary showmanship expected out of a performer. Perhaps she’s grown jaded over her long tenure. However, when fans pay for a show, they expect to get their money’s worth. And seeing Lauryn Hill isn’t a common occurrence–quite the contrary.

Hill’s next stop is in Florida on July 29th, and finishes in New Orleans on October 3rd. It’s a certainty that despite this, fans will still be in attendance–the jury is out on whether or not she’ll be present.

RZA Unleashes 2018 Wu Wear Line


The iconic hip-hop group is back with an updated fashion line.

Wu-Tang’s legendary founder, RZA, has built his personal empire off the back of his resolute musical vision. One of hip-hop’s most influential minds and talents, RZA has used this innate musical ability to architect the iconic Staten Island group. However, RZA talents aren’t constrained to the musical realm–he’s a true artist.

Whether he’s acting alongside David Duchovny in Californication or testing out his directorial chops with The Man With Iron Fist, RZA’s artistry knows no bounds. Recently, he’s extended that artistry past the musical and cinematic mediums, and into the fashion world.

Following the successful 2017 Wu Wear campaign, featuring clothing inspired by the foundational hip-hop group, RZA has returned with a brand new 2018 spring/summer collection. The campaign is inspired by the multifaceted Wu-Tang lyrics, featured across hoodies, jackets, sweaters, snapbacks, t-shirts, and more.

Wu Wear can be purchased in-store at Barney’s, Barneys NY, Urban Outfitters, Zumiez and online at

Check out a sample of the collection below:


Page Kennedy Comes Through With New Single, “Nice Guy”

Star Magazine Hosts Hollywood Rocks Event in Los Angeles

Page Kennedy isn’t just an actor.

Page Kennedy might be best known for his acting roles as Radon Randell on Blue Mountain Stateand U-Turn on Weeds, but the Detroit native is actually quite the versatile talent. In addition to playing a QB and a drug dealer, he’s also a rapper–and a pretty solid one at that. Today, Kennedy dropped off his latest track, “Nice Guy”.

Check out the new Page Kennedy joint below:

40 Glocc Says Game’s New Haircut Makes Him “Almost Out The Closet”


Did 40 Glocc just sign his own death certificate?

The Game and 50 Cent might be known to the hip-hop world as enemies given their contentious past. But, as is so often in rivals, on the surface, they harbor more similarities than differences–mainly that they’re both trolls.

Several years ago, Game recorded himself beating-up 40 Glocc. Yes, he held his iPhone while repeatedly striking his adversary. Game continued to ridicule 40 Glocc at every opportunity, including delivering a scathing Funk Flex interview shortly after the altercation. One would think that 40 Glocc would know not to ruffle Game’s feather in fear of the repercussions, but 40 Glocc isn’t most people.

Recently, the Texas rapper criticized Game for his new hairstyle, saying that he’s, “Almost out the closet.” Sporting a combination cut of braids and a fade, 40 Glocc’s slander is a little puzzling, given the style itself and his embarrassing history with Game.
Knowing the Documentary artist, he won’t let this comment die in vain–a retaliation, either physical or vocal, should be imminent. Stay tuned.

Watch 40 Glocc’s IG video below:

Bodega Bamz Spits Freestyle on LA Leakers

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 8.48.42 PM

Bamz bring the New York flavor to LA.

Harlem’s Bodega Bamz has been making his rounds on the underground circuit for some time now, amassing a loyal following who are enticed by his Latin trap sound. A respected rhymer who’s collaborated with the likes of Flatbush Zombies and A$AP Ferg, Bamz places the ultimate premium on lyricism. Recently, he stopped off at LA Leakers to deliver a rewind-worthy freestyle over Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” beat.
Check it out here: