Lupe Releases Politically Charged “Made in the USA” Video

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Lupe returns with his perspective on America.

Lupe Fiasco has never been one to keep his political, or other, opinions quiet—even to his own detriment. Especially to his own detriment. With the political poignancy swirling around America, it was only a matter of time until the Chicago emcee voiced his opinions. Today, we received those thoughts through his video for “Made in the USA”.

Now that Lupe is no longer signed to Atlantic, he’s liberated to uninhibitedly create music—and he’s doing just that. The politically pointed song and video take aim at the hypocrisy assumed by the racist engine pumping toxicity through the red, white, and blue. Running through a list of detrimental items produced in the USA, Lupe is indicting Trump’s well-known xenophobia. The same Trump that is the first to inaccurately, horrendously depict immigrants, is the very same one who will condone excessive gun production and access—one of the actual leading killers of Americans. To bring the point home, Lupe uses the perspective of infants to depict the atrocities produced on our very soil.

This motif of showing babies watching these events unfold through a small TV screen, hinges upon using their raw, unfiltered reactions to shine a light on the American virulence. In classic Lupe fashion, the song is opinionated, articulate, and calls a spade a spade.

“Made in the USA” is a single off Lupe’s forthcoming album, DROGAS Light, and he’s been performing it for several months.

Watch the politically-charged video below:

Your Old Droog Releases “Bangladesh” Visual


Droog is keen on returning a traditional New York flair to the game.

Brooklyn native, Your Old Droog, has spent his career breathing lyricism and a certain nostalgia into the vastly changing rap game. With a penchant for well-crafted bars and storytelling, Droog sometimes sounds like a kid born in the wrong era. Still, this evolving landscape doesn’t deter the 28-year-old emcee from producing songs how he sees fit.

Yesterday, Droog and featured artist, Heems, released the visual for their track, “Bangladesh”. A blending of culture boils on this track thanks to South Asian-sounding instrumental that adequately structures Droog and Heems’ verbal exchange. From the stoops, to a middle eastern restaurant, to rolling dice, the two rhymers smoothly tour us around their neighborhood, offering insight into Brooklyn’s melting-pot atmosphere.

The video and their smooth, laid-back delivery reflect Droog and Heems’ non-ostentatious style, injecting a sense of authenticity into the visual and rhyme schemes.

Let Droog and Heems take you around by watching the below video:

Statik Selektah Announces Special 10-Year ‘Spell My Name Right’ Commemoration


The beat master himself has some big news.

Announced in a tweet yesterday, famed producer, Statik Selektah, shared that he will be commemorating the 10-year anniversary of his first project, Spell My Name Right, by issuing a special Vinyl anniversary edition. A Hip Hop staple and necessity, Statik has supplied sounds for an eclectic mix of artists, completely embedding him in the scene and culture.

On Spell My Name Right, released November 6, 2007, Statik featured such artists as: DJ Khaled, Royce Da 5’9”, Cormega, Q-Tip, Styles P, and many more. It’s a reflection of his place in Hip Hop, and the belief that these featured artists have in the Boston-born producer. Through scratches and beat drops, Statik Selektah has helped mold Hip Hop within his vision, and assisted ushering the genre to its current dominant status.

Be on the lookout for more information surrounding hits special release.

MF DOOM Teams Up Jay Electronica


Two legends. One track. 

Earlier this month, it was announced the Hip Hop’s enigmatic lyrical magician, MF DOOM, had teamed up with Adult Swim to release one new track per week for 15-weeks, packaged as Missing Book of Rhymes. The pairing is suitable given Adult Swim’s alternative vibe and DOOM’s perpetual mysteriousness. With one track already out featuring the late great Sean Price, MF DOOM continues the weekly release strategy today with track number two, “True Lightyears”, and brings some extra muscle.

Possibly even more mysterious than DOOM himself is none other than the one man in Hip Hop who’s earned the title of incredible lyricists without ever dropping a solo album (aside from 3 stacks, of course), Mr. Jay Electronica. While Electronica is incredibly selective with who he lends features to, such as honoring KD this past June, DOOM matches his eccentricity and lyrical stamina.

“True Lightyears” finds these transcendent spitters exchanging bars over an almost elevator music-sounding production, which serves as an interesting springboard for them to lyrically bounce across. The track is engorged with clever wordplay, and reminds us why we put up with both of their palpable absences.

Check out “True Lightyears” below, and stay tuned for future DOOM releases.

G-Unit Reunites on “Catch a Body”


G-Unit is back in full effect.

They dominated the early 2000s, and then feuds and egos halted their growth and success. Now, the famed G-Unit is preparing for their first official project since 2015, Power, scheduled to drop sometime this month.

Giving us a preview of what’s to come, the Unit dropped off their first single, “Catch a Body” earlier this week. It’s almost as if no time has passed between their heyday and the present. “Catch a Body” find the members entrenched in a conventional New York grit lost on today’s Hip Hop powerhouse—a style where they flourish. Recalling elements of their earlier material, “Catch a Body” honors a major pillar in Hip Hop’s storied history.

Exchanging verses on how they will body any rapper, the Unit is back in full effect. Be on the lookout out for the DJ Whoo Kid-presented mixtape, and stream the single below:

RZA is Resurrecting His Iconic Clothing Line


This is a cause for a celebration.

RZA has expanded his career tremendously since his Shaolin days as the Wu-Tang leader. From acting and directing, to penning books and receiving Chipotle endorsements, he’s proven his versatility outside of music. However, one of his earliest alternative endeavors still remains as one of his greatest: creating the Wu Wear clothing line. However, the storied brand unfortunately ceased stitching new patterns after its 2008 discontinuation.

But today brings phenomenal news. Wu-Tang fans, rejoice—RZA is bringing back the iconic music group’s clothing line. Wu Wear began clothing Hip Hop heads during its 1995 genesis with an assortment of lyric-bearing hoodies, dope graphic tees, and an enviable swag. Now, fans can show their Wu-Tang allegiance by throwing up a “w” as they sport new Wu Wear clothing.

The re-launch premiered today at Las Vegas’ Agenda, and the complete line will come out sometime next year. RZA once proclaimed that he was “Feelin’ mad hostile, wearing Aéropostale,” but now he can feel at ease rocking his own brand.