Blu & Exile Release Long-Awaited Project, ‘In The Beginning: Before The Heavens’


We needed this.

Rapper – producer duo Blu & Exile captured fan’s hearts and ears with their momentous 2007 release, Below The Heavens. Heralded as a vintage display of conscious lyricism and invigorating production, this album marked what many though to be the start of a prosperous career for these two West Coast artists. While their career trajectories might not have—yet—panned out according to these lofty goals, one things is resoundingly clear: they are damn talented.

From that mid-2000s recording session, not only was Below The Heavens born, but so was a stockpile of great music—just not great enough, in their eyes, to make the album cut. But just because something isn’t deemed worthy of an album doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have merit or value. Now, Blu & Exile have taken these non-album cuts to ironically create a totally new project, In The Beginning: Before The Heavens.

Take a listen to this “new” project below:

Stalley Releases New Album, ‘Another Level’


Stalley’s been busy. 

Ohio’s Stalley has been relatively vocal since taking a three-year studio album hiatus. In July, the MMG artist released New Wave, and today, he’s back with another project, Another Level.

Coming in at 12-tracks, Another Level is a featureless project that enables Stalley to truly shine, and make up for lost time. 

Stream Another Level below:

Big K.R.I.T. Drops Off Another Single


4eva Is A Mighty Long Time to come soon.

Big K.R.I.T. took some time out of the spotlight to sort through label dilemmas en route to his emancipation. Now that he’s freed from Def Jam’s clutches, he’s able to make music the way he sees fit—not according to some commercial machine. A little while back, he announced a new album, 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time, and introduced a couple of classic K.R.I.T. singles. Today, he’s back with more.

The southern artist returns today with the album’s newest single, “Aux Chord”. In his classic smooth style, K.R.I.T. details why he deserves to be passed the aux chord in any situation. With production from DJ Khalil, this track perfectly embodies K.R.I.T.’s enticing style that has amassed him a loyal fanbase.

Check out “Aux Chord” below:

Snoop Dogg Has a Message on His New Track, “M.A.C.A.”


Off of his forthcoming EP, Make America Crip Again.

Over 24-years into the game, and Snoop Dogg is still killing it, demonstrating that hip-hop is not exclusively a young man’s game. Today, he dropped off his politically-charged track, “M.A.C.A.”, the single off his upcoming EP, Make America Crip Again.

This is his political stand against the turmoil swirling around the white house since Donald Trump’s ungraceful entrance and subsequent inhospitable leadership. It’s Snoop’s way of accepting his role as a hip-hop political figure—a role he had to grow into, and proudly obliges. Producer, Ben Baller, samples the Rick James track “Young World”, giving the song an updated feel for a veteran rapper.

Stream “M.A.C.A.” below:

Juelz Santana & Don Q Release “Ol Thing Back Pt. 2″ Video

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.07.25 AM

Representing for New York.

Spanning a couple of musical generations, New York legend, Juelz Santana, and rising Bronx rapper, Don Q, have linked for the video to their track, “Ol Thing Back Pt. 2”.

Originally released in February, this track represents a connection in sound between veteran and incoming rappers, and what happens when a slight facelift is applied to a classic vibe. Completing the song’s stark New York identity is a prime visual representation, showing Juelz and Don cruising around various parts of NY in a Bentley, spitting at gas stations, and an overall nostalgic flair. 

Check out the “Ol Thing Back Pt. 2” video below:

The Smithsonian To Produce a History of Hip-Hop Anthology


The initiative will be spearheaded by Chuck D and MC Lyte.

Thankfully, the importance and value of hip-hop will be recognized by The Smithsonian Institution. The initiative will be led by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and Brooklyn’s MC Lyte—two foundational hip-hop members.

The shrine will be composed of a nine-CD, 300-page anthology exploring hip-hop’s storied past. The anthology will be comprised of over 120-tracks, 10 essays, and never before seen photographs. Chuck D and MC Lyte aim to raise $250k by November 16th. All pillars of hip-hop will hopefully be represented.

This project makes the the third recognition by the Smithsonian of American music, succeeding The Anthology of American Folk Music and Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology.