Nas Delivers “War Against Love” Visual


Directed by Mass Appeal’s Jason Goldwatch.

Back in July, Nas came through with his highly-anticipated The Lost Tapes 2 project, a compilation album of b-side recordings from 2006 – 2018, to widespread acclaim. The ostensible sequel to the 2002 original, Nas’ most recent effort proves his lyrical pen is sharper than ever. Recently, he came through with one of the track’s official videos, “War Against Love.”

Directed by Jason Goldwatch, one of Mass Appeal’s in-house directors, “War Against Love” is a snapshot of humanity’s dualistic effects on society and the world at large. From showing images of nature’s beauty to man-made destruction, the new Nas visual acts as a cautionary tale of sorts, showing both the creation and demolition we’re capable of — and encouraging us to adhere to the former.

Watch “War Against Love” below:

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