Lupe Delivers Acapella Performance of “Mural Jr.”


Off of his recently-released Drogas Wave album.

Lupe Fiasco is known for taking an honest approach towards his music. Perpetually refusing to “dumb down” his content, Lupe has emerged as enigmatic artist with a layered, emotional soul–one that he needs to express through his artistically-inclined music.

Part of his allure is his ability to step-out of the traditional hip-hop paradigm to pioneer his own path. Recently, Lupe took one of the tracks, “Mural Jr.”, off his recently-released Drogas Wave album to the acapella stage by performing out in the wild.

Consistent with Lupe’s brand, the performance is a calibrated effort aimed at deepening his already abyss of an artistry.

Check out the special “Mural Jr.” performance below:

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Zach H

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