Joyner Lucas Shares His Thoughts on Hip-Hop Drug Content

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He has some choice words for those promoting drug use in their lyrics.

Joyner Lucas doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinion on drug promotion in hip-hop music. No matter the artist, if they’re discussing abusing drugs, Joyner wants no part of it. On his Lil Pump “Gucci Gang” Remix released last week, he called out the rapper, and his SoundCloud peers, for their absent originality and lacking artistry. Today, he joined Ebro in The Morning on Hot97 to double-down on his rhetoric. 

Saying that he doesn’t care about a rapper’s cachet, whether it be Weezy or Future, Joyner lobbied to not promote drug content for fear of the impression it makes on the youth. 

Watch the full interview here:

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