Cam’Ron Claps Back at Ma$e on “Dinner Time”


Thing are heating up between the Harlem veterans.

Rap beefs have taken a backseat in tangential hip-hop narratives as of late, save for petty ones like Drake and Meek Mill’s—although they seem to have an amended relationship now. Hip-hop needs rapper beefs, as they serve an imperative utility: they enhance competition, leading to mesmerizing products (i.e. Jay Z’s “Takeover” and Nas’ “Ether”). Well, leave it to the Golden Age rappers to resuscitate this necessary aspect.

Recently, Harlem rappers Ma$e and Cam’Ron began beefing when the former issued a scathing diss track, “Oracle”, where he called into question the Dipset rapper’s shady activities. Without wasting any time, Cam’Ron clapped back at the former pastor with his own diss: “Dinner Time”. Claiming that Ma$e used his pastoral status as a Ponzi scheme, Cam’Ron went for his jugular on this one.

Listen to Cam’Ron’s “Dinner Time” below:

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