Hot! Eminem Announces Legendary Names Helping Shape ‘Revival’


This album has some hype to live up to.

Eminem has been a relevant hip-hop narrative as of late. From his scathing Donald Trump BET Awards freestyle, to his polarizing new single “Walk on Water”, he’s been a topic of conversation—and rightfully so; he’s dropping a new album, Revival, soon. Aside from his own star power and Beyoncé’s, who added the “Walk on Water” hook, other huge music names will be attached to this project.

Recently, it was announced that the legendary Rick Rubin will be producing the album, and the pioneering hip-hop figure, Dr. Dre, will handle the mixing. There’s a lot of pressure placed upon this album—from the industry, but mostly from Em himself—so it makes sense that he’s pulling out all of the stops for his first album in four-years.

While there still isn’t a release date, the excitement is certainly brewing. Hopefully, the hype meets the expectations.

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